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Short breaks to Barcelona

Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain, is ideally located on the Mediterranean coast with its approximately 1.6 million inhabitants. The city is bordered to the sea side of the beautiful coastline. The mountain chain Collserola, adjacent to the north of Barcelona, making a fantastic rounded background. This particular location says about you? Then book with cheap flights to Barcelona.

The small hills laced city Barcelona offers a lot of interesting and impressive sights. Already on the flight to Barcelona, you can admire the famous checkerboard layout of the city. The most famous sight in Barcelona is the Sagrada Família in the city center. One designed by Antoni Gaudí, unique and stunning church in neukatalanischen style. The construction of the Roman Catholic Church began in 1882 and is still underway. In Barcelona you will also one of the most beautiful parks in the world. The Garden City Park Guell is just like the Sagrada Família built a work by the artist Antoni Gaudí and was built between 1900 and 1914th He is almost 15 hectares and mainly among artists and art lovers known and popular. The park was created both cost-saving and environmentally friendly, and is decorated with numerous terraces, turrets, mosaics and other stone constructions.

Barcelona is a city of artists, so also recommends a visit to the Picasso Museum. Or visit the famous avenue of Spain. La Rambla is a wide avenue with numerous stalls, artists, painters, cafes and other attractions where you experience so typical of Spain life up close: people who come for a cozy chat in the midday sun together or zealous in one of Spain’s best fruit and vegetable markets on which one obtains all manner of goods act. Experience one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and book with free and comfortable your flight to Barcelona, which allows you to fly cheap and can enjoy your dream vacation.

Cheap flights to Barcelona are already available today from all major airports in the world – so of course from Germany. Fly, for example, from Berlin, from Frankfurt or from Munich. A flight to Barcelona usually takes no longer than 2.5 hours, and ends at the Barcelona-El Prat airport. It is located just 15 kilometers from the city. By bus, by taxi or by rental car it is just a few minutes directly in the busy city.

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Flights to Barcelona

Barcelona, Catalonia’s capital, is known as a center of business and tourism. With its interesting sights, cultural diversity, the location on the Mediterranean, the stunning natural surroundings and the many parks in the city of Barcelona is one of the most desirable destinations for young and old.

The best sites in Barcelona

The Sagrada Familia is undoubtedly one of the most famous buildings of Barcelona. The Roman Catholic church was designed by Antoni Gaudí and started in the year 1882nd A completion of the construction is still not in sight, but planned by the year 2026th But not only the Sagrada Familia is reminiscent of the famous architect. Throughout the city, its unique architecture is represented. The visitor magnets include, for example, known under the name “La Pedrera” House Milá, the Palau Güell or Casa Batlló. The Parc Güell, created 1900-1914, today forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

No Barcelona visitor passes by the Ramblas, the most famous streets of the city. It connects the port of the city with the central Plaça Catalunya. Street performers, musicians, flower stalls, pet seller and charming architecture that surrounds lined with plane trees promenade, provide one of the many cafes and restaurants of always something to marvel.

Barcelona – always worth a trip

Due to the Mediterranean climate and relatively mild temperatures, a trip worth to Barcelona throughout the year. In winter, temperatures fall only very rarely below 0 degrees Celsius. For culture lovers who explore the many museums of the city or want to admire the Gaudí’s buildings from the inside, the perfect travel time. The advantage of the cooler winter temperatures, the clear air, offers the Tibidabo uninterrupted view to the Pyrenees.

Already in April the weather is spring-like warm and the tables of the many cafes move out. Temperatures occasionally up to 20 degrees Celsius making air on walks and shopping stroll in the fresh air. the temperatures rise noticeably from May and the stands start to fill up. Since it was not too hot in May and June and summer, these two months are especially popular. If you are looking for short breaks in Barcelona you must see this. In July and August the temperatures to over 30 degrees Celsius can rise and it is very humid in part. For lunchtime therefore offer visits to indoors. Of particular interest this time for night owls, as many open-air events take place. However, August is the holiday period of the locals and many shops are closed or open only a few hours a day.

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Flights to Barcelona – El Prat

Flights to Barcelona land at El Prat Aeroport airport 14 kilometers from downtown away. In fact, the airport belongs to the town of El Prat del Llobregat, which has given it its name. Barcelona is served by all major airports in Germany from every season. Thanks to the good infrastructure of the major tourist and business center, the city center from the airport is easy to reach. The Aerobus leaves from Terminal 1 at peak times every five minutes from Terminal 2 from every 10 minutes.

The ride into town takes just over half an hour. An easy drive to the Aerobus cost around 5 euros. In addition to the Aerobus, which has its final stop at Plaça Catalunya, take several public buses to the center or in popular destinations near. On the way back to the airport with the Aerobus, it is important to pay attention to the terminal of departure. One of the buses traveling to Terminal 1, the other for Terminal 2. Who ends up in the wrong terminal, can access the other terminal by bus.

This takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Directly in front of the terminal system anytime Taxis are available. The price for a ride to the city center of Barcelona is about 30 euros. Especially, who has his hotel near the airport, these costs but can save, because many of the surrounding hotels offer their passengers a free shuttle service. Surely you go to when you inquires at hotel before you book a flight to Barcelona.

Money and pay in Barcelona

The valid in Barcelona currency is the euro. Banks with freely accessible ATMs are widespread. Accept the machines both EC and credit cards. How much does it charges for lifting, is different. The rules for this are to be found in the Terms and Conditions of your bank. Most ATMs complete the process in the German language. Communication problems do not exist, therefore, and the withdrawal of money is simple. Be careful of scams. Thus, several methods have been developed in the past to steal money from ATMs.

If the machine does not spend the money or you will be prompted repeatedly to enter the secret code, caution should be exercised. During the opening times of the bank can apply directly to the local branch, provided that the ATM is located at the bank. Otherwise it is advisable to refer directly to the police. In most restaurants and shops debit or credit cards are accepted as payment. Unlike the cashback will not be charged when paying with the card in the business.

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